April 18, 2013


Supposedly, people have been asking about the hats i've made and Jayleb suggested that I make some business cards. Although I scoff at the idea of anyone wanting one of my crazy hats, the thought of making business cards sounded super fun! I found this company called Moo.com and they make mini cards. They are so fun! You can choose from a huge selection of great designs or upload your own design. 

I picked one of theirs and love them!
They have this cute little felt card holder.
And they even come wrapped perfectly. 
They have normal cards and all sorts of other fun things. 

Like this:

Custom StickerBooks! 
I may or may not of made a sticker book full of Benedict, Richard and Lee. I'm admitting to nothing. 
My insanity aside, check them out, super great quality, fast shipping and inexpensive! 

Ooh! Maybe i'll do a contest and give away a sticker book! Check back for more info. :-)

(Moo.com has no clue who I am, they know nothing about this blog, i just like them and wanted to share)

April 12, 2013

I feel like they need to rethink their product placement...

April 4, 2013

Unusual companions

Every day I drive on River Road, and almost every day, I see a herd of deer and a flock of wild turkeys. Why is this blog-worthy, you might ask? Because they are always together! It's very odd. I've never seen anything like it. 

Here look. I circled the turkeys for you.
(sorry for the junk pic, it's hard to take a good shot while driving...)

Whether they are on the hill above the road or in the marshy area below the road, they are together. 

How long has this been happening? Why does it happen? Does wild turkey taste better than farm turkey? What is the meaning of life? These are the questions I ask myself whenever I see them. 

We may never know.