June 20, 2013

"Too strong for me?!?"

While contemplating the large bruise on my arm this morning, I thought of this scene from Friends:


I'll admit it, all three of my brothers are too strong for me now, but I still put up a good fight!

I'm sorry Jayne, I was raised with boys, we fought/wrestled a lot.

I'm sorry mom, through no fault of yours, I'm not very ladylike.

I'm sorry Caleb, your back probably hurt the next day...

I have friends, who like Rachel had only sisters, and they think it's insane that we "used to" fight all the time. Ross and Monica and me and my brothers can't be the only ones, right?

Did any of you wrestle with your siblings when you were younger (or still)?


Diana said...

I still remember my favorite fighting position: on the couch with my feet of fury kicking whoever dared come near me.

All of my brothers could beat me up now. I could probably take my sister, but she's only 13 and I'd probably be put in jail for it.

I bet you could always hold your own, Kate.

karla said...

It most likely started with me. Your Uncle Ken and I "wrestled" all the time. When I was about 12 (and he was becoming annoying) I learned that a quick jab to the nose...blood and tears ensued...wrestling over and I won. :)Thankfully, I don't recall blood amongst my young'ins.

Jayne said...

Ha! Uh, yes. I think you shocked my kids a bit with your mad wrestling skills, but it's always good to shock kids every once in a while. Helps them grow. Or something.

P.S. Caleb's fine. He threw you around like a rag doll! No offense:)

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