April 18, 2013


Supposedly, people have been asking about the hats i've made and Jayleb suggested that I make some business cards. Although I scoff at the idea of anyone wanting one of my crazy hats, the thought of making business cards sounded super fun! I found this company called Moo.com and they make mini cards. They are so fun! You can choose from a huge selection of great designs or upload your own design. 

I picked one of theirs and love them!
They have this cute little felt card holder.
And they even come wrapped perfectly. 
They have normal cards and all sorts of other fun things. 

Like this:

Custom StickerBooks! 
I may or may not of made a sticker book full of Benedict, Richard and Lee. I'm admitting to nothing. 
My insanity aside, check them out, super great quality, fast shipping and inexpensive! 

Ooh! Maybe i'll do a contest and give away a sticker book! Check back for more info. :-)

(Moo.com has no clue who I am, they know nothing about this blog, i just like them and wanted to share)


Heather said...

Hi Katie dear! It's me Heathen again...I love you and I love your hats! Love love them! Infact I totally would be super thrilled to buy one for each of my kiddos. And also, I need to see you!

Kate Kepsel said...

Heathen!!!! I miss you! Let's get together! Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I would love to make hats for your munchkins! What are they each into right now? Favorite animal or superhero?

Becca said...

(I love moo.com. That's where I get my goods, too. But my sticker book would have Gerard Butler in it. FYI.)

Amanda said...

I'll admit I go through the geek section of Pinterest thinking about all the possibilities for a sticker book.

Jayne said...

I need a few of those cards to stick in my bag, Kate. People compliment the hats everywhere we go! Because my kids never leave the house without one on.

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Austin Terrill said...

Hey guys, Austin from printpeppermint.com here. I just wanted to jump in here and say that although Moo is an amazing company, their print quality is entirely digital and very average. If you're looking for more custom finishes and premium paper stocks, c'mon over to our site and give us a try. We'll even throw in a 10% off coupon just for the heck of it.

ชื่อที่แสดง said...

I need a few of those cards to stick in my bag, Kate.

แตกใน xxx