March 14, 2013

Parcels from far away...

I love receiving parcels from other countries. The further away, the better! (Further? Farther?) 

Today was a good day. I received two!

The first was from a dear friend in Croatia (Thank you Ari!). She sent me yummy Croatian treats and lotion.
And look at the great stamps!
I love stamps. I think I need to send her a package full of Utah things. Hmmm. Can I ship her a Mormon? ;-) 

The second parcel is from India. 
I ordered silk scraps for the Nuno Felting that I'm obsessed with right now. They are beautiful. So rich.
And then there is the parcel itself. It's fabric. It's sewn shut. It's covered in fabulous stamps. Heaven!
I love thinking about these packages and how far they've traveled. They have been places and seen things, i've never seen. Which hands have touched them? Who belongs to those hands? All the delicious possibilites!


Heather said...

Katie my friend!!! It's me, Heathen. I miss you! How are you?

Kate Kepsel said...

heathen!!!!!! I miss you! I love yoU! How are you? Can we please all get together soon?