April 23, 2012

Totally rad to the max!

I was cleaning out my closest on Saturday (I have to move...again) and found some old jewelry from years ago. About 20 years ago. 

Do you remember these?
I remember being so excited when I first got one. I mean why wear a boring old watch on your wrist, when you could wear a totally rad watch ON YOUR FINGER!!!! I mean, like, most tubular invention since scrunchies for sure. 

Of course I also had four or five Swatch watches on my wrists...

and I'll bet you I still never knew what time it was!

Got to love the 80's :-)


Amanda said...

Moving.. again. I hear ya and I have much sympathy for you! I'm also kind of glad I was born in the 80's instead of living through it.

Michelle said...

Move again?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Kate Kepsel said...

We are just movers Amanda. The Kepsels move. It's what we do. That and swap cars a lot. ;-)

And yes Michelle :-( My landlady called last monday and the house is going up for short-sale. I'm trying to find someplace else in town and I've been cleaning and packing ever since she called, getting it ready for showings.