February 8, 2012

Aloha Nui Loa

Since Saturday, I have been really missing living in Hawaii. I lived in Laie, it was wonderful. 

Here are some of the wonderful things that I miss:

The feeling of being on an island...it's hard to describe.

The constant fragrance of flowers in the air.

The mango tree in the backyard.

The ocean.

 Beautiful, friendly people. I fell in love with all the people. 

Taking your shoes off on the front porch.

Kissing hello and goodbye.

Uncles and Aunties.

Learning the dances.

Wearing slippers or going barefoot...everyday.

Freezing pineapple and grapes as a snack.

The beautiful mix of cultures.


My friend Raj who would crack my neck.

Apple bananas!
They are so good. Small and sweet.

Graduation leis, Hawaiian shirts...and amazing friends!

Swimming with sharks.

Winning a prize for our muscle-bound surfer sandman.

Fun in Waikiki. 

Working at the PCC Laua. More amazing friends. Wearing a flower over my ear every day.

More wonderful friends. I really met so many amazing people and made great friends. 

The Byodo-in Temple. Gorgeous. Peaceful. Spiritual. 

Wonderful Aunties and Uncles.

 The dancing!!!
I knew him. So nice...and...pretty hot. ;-)

Hearing a Haka everyday.

 Shave Ice at Matsumoto's!

 Laua food...sigh...Chicken Long Rice. To die for. 

Waimea Bay. Heaven on earth.

Such a wonderful place. I was so blessed to have the opportunity to live there for  awhile. 


Rachel M said...

How gorgeous! Looks like an amazing place to live.

karla said...

Wow, you are really reminising(?). Definitely was your element. What was that, ten years ago. Go again Kate = make it happen.

Jayne said...

I know some people who are moving there. Maybe they want a nanny.

Kate Kepsel said...