January 10, 2012

Resolution: actually blog...

I'm officially a really bad blogger. The  holidays were crazy. The end. 

A few glimpses into my oddness:

Bear has finally warmed up to my dad. I know. I never would've believed it either. But look, I took a picture. Christmas miracle. 

Tres Leches cake from Tarahuma (the best Mexican restaurant on the planet. Just saying) Isn't it pretty?!

Creepy clown juice marketing. I was walking down the aisle and it was watching me.

Gorgeous sunset. No snow yet (not good), but amazing clouds and sunsets. But really. We need snow. Can anyone say drought coming???

Big project at work. We have clients coming in and I wanted to spruce up the joint. It's very blah.

All of the walls were this color:

Not anymore!!!
I've spent the past two days painting and such and I really like how it turned out. My boss is still getting used to it, but I think that really (really) deep down inside he loves it :-)

So what have you all been up too?


Jayne said...

Wow! The colors are amazing! Seriously good job. You're such a pro. Someday when I own a house will you help me pick colors? Thank you.

Also, I'm amazed that your cat warmed up to someone. I've never even seen her in real life. Maybe a disappearing-under-the-bed-tail, but that's it. Way to go, Dad!

Nancy said...

Uncle Mike said to tell you that you did a good job!! It looks great!!