January 16, 2012

I'm popular! Finally!

Kidding. I'm not really. But I feel that way today! I've officially made almost 3,000 people smile. Yahoo!

You know my little Pinterest obsession? Well a cute saying that I posted (I didn't even make it up, just repinned it) has received a lot of repins and likes. And today it made the "Popular" tab! What is the "Popular" tab you may ask?

I'll tell you. Just chill. 

At the top of the page you can click "Popular" and it shows you all the trending pins. I was scrolling through and SAW MY NAME. Seriously. I've peaked. There's nothing left to achieve. Done. ;-)

I know. I'm a dork. But I felt popular for a second. I took a screen shot. You have to document these monumentally momentous moments (monumentally momentous moments???) in life. 

So what have you lot done lately? Passed the Bar? Run a marathon? Given birth? Saved lives? Jumped buildings in a single bound? You've got nothing on me ;-)


Amanda said...

I love that you're right next to Bacon pancakes.

karla said...

I slept the ENTIRE way to work! one hour and ten minutes of pure, blissful car sleep. Usually I just nap, but this morning I succeeded in awesome snoringness. Of course I will have another opportunity on the way home, but I will be slightly distracted with driving. Beat that!

Sue said...

You've always been on my "popular" list! And I know you are on JT's.

I"m gonna have to check that site out one of these days.