January 27, 2012


Hello strangers! I have not blogged in quite a while. Not sure why. Just not feeling it. I'm going to try harder though. 

Today will be short. I want to share something cool...from Pinterest...yeah, yeah, I know. But this is very cool. 

A couple of weeks ago I repinned a cute, simple image about having a great mom:

I liked it. I have a great mom and  I love her. I pinned it. 

Then the cool thing started. People started repinning it. A lot of people. And commenting. And every comment was about how much they loved their mom. 

Here's the status as of today: 
9,262 repins to other boards and 76 comments. 

That is a lot of love right there. And it just really made me happy. There are a lot of good people out there and a lot of love. And if Pinterest crashes and dies next week or starts to get annoying like Facebook, I will still have this amazing moment of shared love with almost 10,000 other people... total strangers...and that is brilliant.

The end.

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