January 30, 2012

Better late...

Since it will be February in two days...I thought I would post some Christmas pics :-) I'm good like that...

I took quite a few, shocking I know. Here are some of my favorites. 

We have so much fun doing the Nativity with the munchkins.

This little one loved his coloring books and was content to sit with Papa and color for hours.
And this sweet girl just loved everything. Watching her open gifts was magical.

My amazing Dad, who knows me so well, got me the perfect gift. Completely unexpected. It's in this cute box. 
Yeah. Nightmares for a week. Thanks dad. 

My Zumba instructor gave us these cute ornaments that she made. 

Okay so my parents really do know me well. They got me this:
Yup! A little movie theatre popcorn maker. I love it. I constantly has popcorn in it. 

Thank you!!!!

Family, and anyone else that cares, here are the rest:

I was having fun with the new Picasa collage maker :-)

The sound is messed up...just mute it for now. :-)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's Eve and that you are having a great year so far!

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Jayne said...

So cute, Kate - you got some wonderful photos! That nativity was awesome.