December 28, 2011

Party time. Excellent.

Tehe :-)

So for our family Christmas party this year my awesome parentals took us all swimming! It was great fun. The whole famdamly was there (except Levi. Boo) plus lot's of extended family and friends. We had pizza and goodies and lot's of fun in the water. We have a lot of kidlets in our family right now, so this was the perfect party for them.

Here are a ton of pictures. Please excuse the quality. My brain hasn't been working very well lately and I forgot my camera. I had to use my phone. Fail.

 This little kidlet loves the water.
 And so does this crazy bigger kidlet!

Can you see JB at the top of the slide? Scary!
 They came down so fast, they blurred!
 He loves the slide.
Baby W is always the center of attention.
Watch EJ inching over as I try to get a shot of W.
These munchkins love  playing with their papa!

Do you see the small drowning critter that CJ is holding under? And he's laughing!
 Kidding. That's crazy L-girl. She is a fish. CJ was actually making sure she came back up at some point. She forgets that she needs oxygen :-)
 This pool complex is so great. They have a huge shallow area for kids, a slide, lazy river and lot's of fun toys and sprayers.
 Fer cute!

Cami. Yup.

I love this pic of W and papa. Look at that tummy! Healthy baby :-)

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

December 27, 2011


Just a quick pic before the glut of Christmas photos.

The sweetest most patient cat on the planet. 
She lets the munchkins haul her around and maul her with nary a compliant. I wish we could clone her :-)

December 21, 2011


Hello blog world! It's been so long. I hardly recognize you anymore!

I have been very sick and it's the holidays. Those are my excuses for slacking on the blog front. 

Here is a major catch-up:

 A few days before I got sick, I babysat the muchkins and we decorated a gingerbread house. 
Getting was careful and a bit tentative...
But then...bring on the icing and candy!
Done! Awesome job guys! It's beautiful!

Yes. That is a lot of icing.

Cool picture of Bear. 
New pair of shoes I made. I love the sparkly heels!
It was uber foggy one morning on our walk. Utah ended up looking like Old Man Winter.
I washed my're welcome Mom ;-) And tried taking pics from inside the carwash. 

And at work...we got a yummy, beautiful Christmas gift from a vendor. Did you know that I love packaging/wrapping? I do. And these guys know how to package.

It is a box of truffles from Telluride Truffle.

 It's a triangle box! And when you open it...
 Pretty star paper and ribbon. And then...
 Gorgeous hand-decorated truffles nestled in a bed of gold. 
 They were yummy...but I was seriously impressed with the wrapping :-)

Yes, I have issues. 

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 7, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Well, inside at least. We need snow!!!!

On Saturday my wonderful brother and SIL brought me a tree (i've been sick). Thank you!

This is what it looked like after he put it in the base. 
I was little nervous...

He promised that it was just frozen and once he added hot water it would thaw and the branches would fall down. I was skeptical and watched it intently for the rest of the day. 

Well he was right...again. 

This was about two hours later:

And this was another few hours later:
So pretty!

Of course it was then that I found out that all the lights I had were broken...

But two days later...I finally got it decorated!

I love Christmas trees. I love nighttime when I can turn all the lights off except the tree lights and just sit in the glow.

I also love ornaments! And I have a thing for stars and moose. Odd combo, I know. Here are a few of my favorites:

Moose Angel

Glass moose

Santa on a moose

Piggy. I have a cow too.

Glittery sand dollars. I made about a million of these a few years back...and they are all on my tree. 

And finally my poor pup. 
He was quite confused by the whole process but has been such a good boy. He hasn't eaten a single ornament yet! Knock on wood...