February 26, 2011

Saturday Snow Report

20 new inches at PCMR

and the snow has finally reached my windowsill. Yeah baby!

February 23, 2011

Ice cream and fries please

That's all they wanted. Ice cream and fries. Oh and red ketchup.

I really did try to get something healthy in them Jayne. But how can you say no to these faces?
(i'm obsessed with my histomatic app on my phone, so the pics are funky)

I had the day off yesterday and called up Jayne to see if she wanted to go to lunch. She and baby were sick, so I just took EJ and JB.

They were waiting outside when I pulled up. Not excited at all. :-)

They insisted on going to "The Train" for ice cream and fries. "The Train" is the Dairy Keen in Heber. It has a train out front and train inside that runs on tracks all around the joint. The rugrats love it.

We had a great time and ate lots of ice cream, fries and red ketchup.

I thought i was being very cool by showing them how tasty fries in ice cream were. They informed me that Papa already showed them. Lost all my street cred.

It isn't showing up very well but if you look closely at this pic you will see ice cream, in JB's eyelashes. Still not sure how that happened.

(the camera angle makes his head look really big here...it's really not!)

Can I just say that I love this small town eatery? They actually offer yummy, healthy options (not that we got those...) and it's so cheap. Two ice creams, large fries, drinks and four chicken strips (real chicken, no nuggets at this place) all for $8. Amazing!

Thanks for hanging out with me yesterday kiddos! I love you!

Oh and JB, I LOVE your cool new shoes. Check these babies out!


February 21, 2011

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas...

Feb and March are actually our big snow months here in Utah and we had an awesome storm the night of the aforementioned hockey game. The biggest issue was the wind. 50 mph wind gusts. Snow was drifting across the roads so fast. And blowing cars all over the place.

We started up the canyon and saw this:
There were at least five jackknifed semi's and 20 more that just stopped in the middle of the road to chain up. Turned the freeway into an obstacle course.

"He said we wouldn't get get it. He said we wouldn't get the treasure we seek on account of our ob-stac-les."

I think of that line every time I hear the word obstacle :-)

Anyway. HP was turning cars without 4x4 around at the bottom of the canyon, but we were in my truck, thank you Caleb, and they let us go. The pass usually takes 10 mins to drive up...took us an hour. Wicked awesome storm.

Luckily we made it home safely. And this is what I found. When i opened the door it all dumped in on my floor.
Yes that is still my Christmas wreath. No comments please.

That is my door and this is the two foot drift in front of it.

I love the snow!

No really. I do. Bring it on.

February 17, 2011

Material Girl

I know money doesn't buy happiness...but it's helps sometimes!

Last night I got be a VIP for the first time in my life. A counselor in the bishopric at church had 16 tickets for the VIP Suite at the Grizzly hockey game and he gave them to a bunch of us sad single people ;-)

Two friends and I arrived first and greeted with a full fajita bar and buffalo wings and tons of yummy chips and salsa and popcorn and drinks and a dessert tray.

See. Happiness.

After a while we remembered the game and sat down to watch, on comfy couches of course.

No hard bleachers for the VIPs! Our delicate behinds wouldn't stand for it...or sit for it. HA!!!!! Come on. That was funny.

Anyway. Game was fun, food was great, company was fantastic...oh and we got VIP parking too! First ones out of the parking lot.

Seriously, I could get used to this.

February 7, 2011

Popcorn and genies

My brother and SIL finally broke down and let me watch the kids saturday night (i've been banned since the baby duck/ketchup fiasco).

We had so much fun! When the kiddos come to my place they pretty much just want to watch movies and eat treats. So that's what we do. Aunts are for spoiling right?

As soon as Dad walked out the door we turned on Aladdin. We also decided on treats. Popcorn for EJ and chocolate bunny grahams for JB (Annie's Organic. See, i'm healthy).

EJ's eyes never left the screen as she shoveled the popcorn in.

I noticed JB eying the popcorn so I got him a bowl of that as well. I can't say no to the kid.

Notice a hand in each bowl.

He couldn't decide which to eat first so he came up with an awesome new flavor combination...

Chocolate bunny graham popcorn. I'm getting a copyright.

EJ is pretty much a zombie once the TV turns on but JB and I had some very meaningful discussions pertaining to Aladdin.

Why is Jafar so mad all the time. Why Iago said shut up (mean word!). Why Aladdin and Abu were thrown into the ocean. Why Genie is so TRAZIE! Why does the Genie live in a teapot :-)

When Aladdin and Jasmine go on the carpet ride JB yells, "this is where they fall in love!"

Me. Mush. Sigh. Seriously. How cute is this kid?
Thanks for coming over to play guys! I love you!

February 4, 2011

Magpie Saga

Have I told you the magpie story? No? Well you are in luck today. Here we go.

This is a magpie:

Yes I know, they are beautiful. But don't be fooled by that! They are tricksey, thieving little Hobbits and "I caaan't stand 'em".

They are related to ravens, which equals intelligence. And they are mean. They attack people. They attack cats. They attack dogs. They attack really big hawks. And they attack all the pretty little birds that I like to feed! Unforgivable.

In the house I used to live in I had a gorgeous apple tree in the front yard. I hung around 10 feeders out there and would get the prettiest little birds coming around. Those nasty magpies would swoop in, scare the little birds away and then proceed to dump all the seed on the ground. They would eat the babies from the nests in the tree. Sometimes they would eat the littler birds too! Normally I root for the apex predator...but I just don't like magpies :-)

I would watch for them and go out and scare them off...about 10 feet. They were not scared of me. Finally, after they knocked some eggs from a robin's nest, I'd had enough. I grabbed the BB gun and pumped it 10 times. Those birds were going down.

I was super stealthy (they could see in the front window and would watch for us) and Army crawled across the living room floor.
I slowly reached up, opened the door and peered out. Oh and made sure my t-shirt was covering my undies.

They weren't leaving!

I crawled across the porch and slowly stood up.

The magpie eating the eggs just looked at me and sneered. You would think sneering would be hard without lips...but he managed.

I took aim.
It's helpful to point out here that I have never shot a living creature in my life...

I slowly squeezed the trigger and... nothing.

Safety was still on.

I busted up laughing (which my two roommates were already doing inside the house) and that scared the stupid magpie away.

I never did shoot one and I'm not what I would've done if I had actually hit one. I have a feeling there would of been a lot of screaming and running to get the sweet old rancher we rented from to come take care of it.

So the magpies lived happily ever after. The poor little birds continued to be harassed. And I decided to practice flipping the safety off...prior to taking aim.

Sure hope I never have to actually hunt for food for sustenance.

My roommates made this for me...they thought the whole thing was just hilarious.

The End.

February 2, 2011


Point of interest: it was -17 degrees this morning.

This is my truck. I love it!! It's name is Skinner. But he does not like the cold. I pried this truck from my poor brother's hands. He has called and asked for it back... I said no.
(It's actually black. That is a layer of salt you see. Needs a bath)

I got up early for Zumba class, which I LOVE btw, and went outside to start the truck. I got in, turned the key...and the truck laughed at me. Seriously. I heard it. It laughed.

I then decided to wait until the sun came up, hoping that would warm things up a bit.

And it did! -16...

My nice boss came over and tried to help me start it.

This is me sitting warm and toasty in my boss's car while he works on the truck.
(He has heated seats! What did you expect me to do??)

No dice. He ended up giving me a ride to work. My sweet brothers are coming over to help me later.

And this is the current temperature. It's soooo much warmer now eh?

It's official. It is just too dang cold to leave bed. I would like to head back there soon please.

February 1, 2011

I got mail!

Real mail. Not a bill or advertisement...or a book I bought online so that I would get mail. Pleh.

My sweet niece sent me an envelope full of beautiful drawings.

This is us. We are, in fact, gorgeous.
You will notice the special attention given to the shoes. She is a girl after my own heart. She also made me very skinny.

Thanks Em! I love you baby girl!

What is the last piece of real mail that you received? When was the last piece of real mail you sent?

Challenge issued: Send someone a note this week. Thank you card, i love you card, just say hi card, drawing of you two or your house. Doesn't matter. Just something in an envelope with a stamp on it. It makes you feel really good.

And I think this is called networking ;-) If any of you have leads on employment opportunities...it would be great appreciated. Thanks!