December 21, 2011


Hello blog world! It's been so long. I hardly recognize you anymore!

I have been very sick and it's the holidays. Those are my excuses for slacking on the blog front. 

Here is a major catch-up:

 A few days before I got sick, I babysat the muchkins and we decorated a gingerbread house. 
Getting was careful and a bit tentative...
But then...bring on the icing and candy!
Done! Awesome job guys! It's beautiful!

Yes. That is a lot of icing.

Cool picture of Bear. 
New pair of shoes I made. I love the sparkly heels!
It was uber foggy one morning on our walk. Utah ended up looking like Old Man Winter.
I washed my're welcome Mom ;-) And tried taking pics from inside the carwash. 

And at work...we got a yummy, beautiful Christmas gift from a vendor. Did you know that I love packaging/wrapping? I do. And these guys know how to package.

It is a box of truffles from Telluride Truffle.

 It's a triangle box! And when you open it...
 Pretty star paper and ribbon. And then...
 Gorgeous hand-decorated truffles nestled in a bed of gold. 
 They were yummy...but I was seriously impressed with the wrapping :-)

Yes, I have issues. 

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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