December 5, 2011


Today is Walt Disney's birthday! Hip hip hooray!

But first...yesterday was my SIL's birthday! I  love her a whole lot and wanted to wish her a very happy birthday.
Love you!

And now Walt. Yes, we are on a first name basis. He was born today in 1901. Can you believe it's been that long?

What an amazing man. I mean seriously. Look at what he has given us. Think about the world without him. It would be VERY different don't you think? No Mickey Mouse, no Dory, no Disney princesses...or princes...i mean really, i just started thinking about it and it was weird. So much of our current culture is wrapped around Disney creations.

Think about the wonder on a child's (or adult, admit it) face at Disney Land or when they watch their first Disney movie and fall in love. The joy that he has blessed us with is a bit overwhelming.

Here are a few of my favorites things...

From this:

To this:
I mean wow. Yet they both enchant us. 

Beauty and The Beast -  Sigh. I have this entire movie memorized (yet I can't remember the multiplication tables...)
 Side note: Is this just me? I like The Beast so much better as The Beast. Look at him. So handsome and adorable...And then he changes.
Blech. Whatever. 

Prince Eric. I've loved him for years. 
Kiss the girl!

 I loved Fantasia. Mickey was so adorable.

And Shang was totally hot! 
Okay, I'm worried about how many crushes I have on cartoon men...

Anyway. Thank you Mr. Disney for all of the wonder and enchantment. Your mark on the world will live forever. Happy Birthday!

What are your favorite Disney memories? Share!


Amanda said...

Disney has a brand spankin new Little Mermaid ride that looks absolutely amazing. One of these years we are going to have to take a family trip to Disneyland.

And Happy Birthday Jayne!

Jayne said...

I'm totally stoked that I got to share a post with Flynn and Eric and Shang!

Yes, Mr. D was an amazingly talented man with a big heart. He has given us some beautiful creations!
My favorite prince is Philip. That guy goes through some serious heroics to save his princess from the evil Malificent.
Also, can we get a hooray for Jungle Book? I love that movie!

But, without a shadow of a doubt with every fiber of my being, Beauty and the Beast is my favorite. Tangled came close, but I don't know if they will ever be able to top that masterpiece.

Pretty sure I'm going to get carpal tunnel from typing this longest comment ever.

Jayne said...

P.S. I love you too.