November 15, 2011

A Tuesday Ramble

I've got a random one for you.

The Bunny and Utah have finally slept together (not like that you weirdo!). It's taken how long? Five months. They have been getting along up till now...just not sleeping in close proximity. They play until Utah drives Bunny nuts and she favors him with a claws out smack. But this is the first time Bunny has laid down on Utah and fallen asleep...and Utah let her. Progress. 

A perfect huge harvest moon presented itself. Sadly I only had my camera phone...and i've never been able to take a good picture of the moon in my life...but this will give a good idea of how big it was. 

And CB has found a new that breathes ;-)

We went to visit WR and CB was enthralled. WR look a bit nervous...

JB got in on the action too. He was much less interested...there were cars, blocks and a super fun cousin to play with.



The End. 


Jayne said...

Random is good when your random things are all so great!
C certainly does love little WR. So glad that he lives close.

Amanda said...

I was so glad everyone stopped by for a visit. I don't get out much. Come over anytime!