November 28, 2011


We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year. My wonderful SIL let us invade her home and she decorated beautifully. The food was delicious and the company great.

Aren't the place settings lovely? 

The kids got cute little bottles of cider with their initials on them

I remember having to sit at the kid table. I used to stare longingly at the big table assuming that they were getting something much better than me. 

Turns out we had it pretty good at the kid table and so did these munchkins. Macaroni and Cheese is much more enjoyable than turkey and green beans when you are little :-)
And no one at the grownup table was playing with olives!

BUT...the grownup food was darn good...I had a little bite of everything and it was divine. 

Then after I got to hold this little puddin' pie. He fell asleep of course and when I took him into a quiet room...i fell asleep too...and missed all the fun and games. But it was worth it :-)

Well, I did make it back out in time for a session of Torture EJ. It brought back fond memories of me and my three brothers trying to tackle my dad and take him down. It never worked. I've discovered over the years that other families didn't "fight" like we did. Sorry Jayne and Amanda. Your husbands are just like their Dad. There will be wrestling/tackling/fighting in your home...and you may end up trying to break it up "before someone gets hurt!" by pouring water on my poor mom did. Just a fair warning ;-)

CB loved the fun and games too...but she stays out of the ring so far. She is saying "CHHEEEESSSSEEE" while making this face. It's pretty darn funny. She does it anytime you try to take a picture of her. 

Thanks to my family for a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

We missed you Levi!

I hope all of you (that live in the USA) had an equally lovely holiday! Bring on Christmas!

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Jayne said...

Yes, bring on Christmas!

I usually decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving afternoon (after dinner), but it took me a few days this year. Something about recovering from Kepsel overload.


Having it at my house was AWESOME and I'd do it every year if I could. My guests were perfection itself.