November 8, 2011

Fall Back

Daylight savings ended this past weekend. The sun is set by 5:30 PM. It's noon and it's a balmy 31 degrees. Winter is here.

So yes please. I would like fall back! I was confused about where fall had gone and why it only lasted about two seconds. I then remembered that I live in Utah. 8ish months of winter. One week of spring. Four-ish months of summer. One week of fall. Rinse and repeat.

Don't get me wrong. I love it here. I just wish spring and fall would stick around a bit longer. I love fall. 

Here's why:

Evening hikes in the crisp mountain air with the fam... 
And the dog. 

Even though I didn't realize that it's still hunting season and these three hunters were shooting very close to us. Good job Kate.  Next time we are all wearing hot pink.

Adorable cold-weather clothes the make JB look like Charlie Brown. 
 The pup doesn't get so hot on hikes, he is much happier and will do tricks for the kidletts. 

Scary brown bears hiding in the sage. 
 Bear attack! Play dead!

Did you know that Utah is home to the rare Wasatch Tigger? No? Check out this fine specimen below.
 Very scary. I almost lost a limb or two. The trick is to stay just behind them like my SIL is. 

 My brother taking the pup and running him into the ground. Thanks CJ :-)
 Halloween. And it was warm enough to leave the snowsuits and thermals home this year!
Harry Potter
Tooth Fairy
Scary Ghost 
King Kong ;-)
 My doofy pup playing in the leaves.
EJ discovering leaf angels. 
 Utah getting so excited about chasing JB that he actually blurs. Serious. That's not the camera. He was moving that fast. Zoom! Flash Gordon. ;-)

 EJ playing in the leaves.

Yup. I love fall. What is your favorite season?


Jayne said...

*sigh* That hike was so lurvely.

We sure love your puppy. Caleb dies a little inside each time he has to leave him. Inevitably, whenever he's been playing with Utah, he starts talking about buying a house again.

OH and we like you too.

karla said...

I think we had an unusually long and mild summer. I needed that. Now I am looking forward to some hibernation time. and Zion.