November 11, 2011

Cacti Conundrum

There are a lot of plants in my office. I take care of them all.  

I have a cactus desk in the lobby. It gets the most sun. They are really doing well there. 
Too well. They are all too big for their pots and need transplanted. 
 How does one go about transplanting a cactus?
 Yes I know, very carefully. 
 I don't mean that part so much, i'll wear gloves. 
 I mean do I just go to a bigger pot? I still feel like I'll have the same problem. Do I bury more of the plant under the soil? Can you cut cacti back?
I need some cacti advice please. And yes, i've googled it. I'm having trouble finding good info about house cacti. It's all about outdoor cacti. 


Maybe I should do a cactus giveaway ;-)

Thank you. 



Amanda said...

Cacti can live in very little soil, so you can probably leave most of them. If I were you I would plant a few together in the same pot next time for better looking Cacti arrangements. I think it's pretty cool that your office lets you grow plants there. :)

Super cute new blog layout!

Jayne said...

Yeay! Cacti giveaway! I've never grown a cactus.
I've killed three aloe vera's, does that count? As not growing one?

Wait! I have a Christmas Cactus that has bloomed twice in four years. That counts.


Kate Kepsel said...

Thanks Amanda, that's a good idea. I will find some cool pots and put them together. Will they just keep growing? I feel like they are going to flop over...

Jayne - cacti might might not be a good idea with all the curious little fingers in your house ;-) And the Christmas cactus totally counts!