October 5, 2011

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle just a little bit...

Headline = awesome Zumba song. Wiggle Wiggle by Fulanito. So fun!

I'm coming up on my 10 month Zumbaversary (I possibly made that word up) and I love it even more now. I'm addicted. I get cranky if I have to miss a class. I blame you Lisa and Natalie ;-) I'm trying to find more classes so that I can go six days a week...NBD eh?
A couple of weeks ago we held a big Zumba fundraiser for breast cancer. We raised a bunch of money for the Susan G. Komen foundation and had a blast doing it. (most of these pics were taken by Jay Fite Photography. He is really good, and so sweet to deal with us crazy women.)
Everyone wore pink...which makes for interesting photos.
We had a great turnout, which makes for more fun.
I have the best instructors on the planet. Literally. I'm not sure how to prove that fact...but it's true.
This ladies (and Chris) have so much energy and love and they have passed that on to me. (Thank you so much for all of your patience, love and support! I really am so grateful!)

Three of our regular group are breast cancer survivors:
And of course they had to get on stage so we could cheer, clap and generally embarrass them!

We danced, laughed and sweated for two hours...and here's the great thing about Zumba...we were still laughing at the end...just with more sweat :-)

Natalie and Gara tearing it up. Nat always has the best dancing hair.
Check it:
I'm working on getting my hair to fly like that, haven't figured it out yet.  
If my hair looks more "Cousin It" than normal...it's because I crimped it.
Gara, or Zumba Barbie as I call her. She just got certified and is a great teacher. That's next on my list. Get certified. Also, get a boob job so that I can look more like Gara ;-)

The Phinneys. THE cutest couple ever. They both teach Zumba and put up with me... ;-)
 More cool Zumba hair.
 Yes! Bring on the hip scarves! I love the hip scarf dances. I'm learning belly dance too and it's so fun.
Anyway, the fundraiser was a blast, like Zumba always is. I have two more Party In Pink Zumbathons to attend in the next month. I don't know if it's like this everywhere but Zumba has exploded in Utah. There are fun master classes and special guest instructors almost every weekend.

Last month Fabio Barros came here from Miami to teach a special samba class at Fuego (coolest dance studio ever. Go there). It was so great. Here we all are after:
 We have had a couple special master classes in my town with guest instructors from all over the state:
I was looking at pics from 10 months ago and while I still have a long way to go, Zumba had definitely helped me get in better shape!
 If you have not tried it, I encourage you to find a class and go. You will love it.


Amanda said...

I have to admit I was jealous after watching the Zumba on the beach during the F.V. I'm excited to go and try my hand at it after this little man of ours arrives.

You've completely inspired me. :)

Oh, and you're lookin' smokin' hot.

Jayne said...

Katie you are WORKIN the pink sparkles! WOW!

You seriously look so fantastic. When you are an official instructor, I'll totally come. You have it in writing.

Cassie Barker said...

You just made me want to come back to Utah. I want to take class with you! I bet it is fun, crazy, hard and amazing ... all wrapped into one.

Kate said...

Amanda and Jayne - we are taking a class together in heber! The end.

Cassie - you and Zumba are totally MFEO! You would love it. They have great classes in NZ, you should find one and go!

BUSH BABE said...

Looks fun.