October 10, 2011

Just when you thought it was safe...

...to read my blog and not see anything about Israel.
It was Yom Kippur Friday, which reminded me that:

A)  I loved Israel and the people and the cultures...everything...and I wish that I had been in Jerusalem for this holiday.
2) Turns out I'm not Jewish. It's odd that I know all of their holidays. I worked with a Jewish girl and I had to teach her about her religion and heritage... (my great grandpa was Jewish, that's got to count for something eh?)
Thirdly)  I never finished posting my Israel pics
IV) My loyal readers are out there crying themselves to sleep because I haven't finished posting my Israel pics
5th) I don't like crying

So I'm going to try and post the rest in the upcoming days. I  may get bored again... but I shall try :-)

I was looking through my album and thinking about what a land of contradictions Israel is. I could get really deep here with politics and culture and religion...but I'm not going to. Just take it for what it's worth. 

 This is view out my hotel window in Jerusalem.  
 When I first looked out I saw the spires of that gorgeous cathedral...Then I looked down and saw a simple home with laundry on the line.

Up North at the Sea of Galilee it was so beautiful.
This is sunrise from my hotel there. Just gorgeous. But those hills the sun is rising over are the Golan Heights. Enough said.

Still up in the north. Beautiful rolling hills, thriving farms and fields, ancient ruins...
...land mines.

We were warned at several places to stay on marked paths and not to wander. There are a lot of land mines still out and about. Occasionally a cow or sheep wander where it shouldn't and find a hidden mine. So kind of them. Who needs a metal detector?? 


Jayne said...

1) I wondered if you were done.
B) I'm so glad you're not done.
III) I anxiously await the rest of the posts.
4th) I like you.

karla said...

You should clarify that your gr.gr. grandfather - converted to Judaism as an adult. If he had been born Jewish, you would be Jewish and your nose would be bigger.

Jayne said...

And you'd be wealthy.

Kate said...

Thanks for crushing my hopes Mom. I think being adopted into the house of Judah should count...

And my nose could be plenty large if I'd taken after Grandma Garner's side of the family. Where did that beak come from??

And thanks Jayne. I like you too :-)