October 18, 2011

Baby Fix

I have not mentioned a uterus since May 2010 so I figured that you all would be ready for some more!

Yesterday mine imploded. NBD.

Here's why:
My SIL had a beautiful baby boy whom we will call WR. I got to go see him after work and that's when things started imploding... 
Have you ever picked up a newborn and sniffed its head and its milk breath and rubbed its tiny toes and fingers...and then your uterus imploded? I would think that i'm being sexist to say that it only happens to women...but men don't have uteri so... 

He's already got grandma wrapped around his finger :-)

I call this
Evolution of a Yawn
 He came out with the longest fingernails!

I'm sorry if this post has caused a wake of imploded uteri. 

Here this will snap you out of it:
Yup. Done. 

But not really! Don't forget my book giveaway here! All you creepy blog stalkers have to do is say hey  to be entered ;-)

Kidding on the creepy part...sort of. 

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