October 2, 2011


 My sweet friend Anne was married two weeks ago. She was one of the happiest brides I have ever seen and I wanted to share the joy. The wonderful man she married carted her off to Minnesota (eh) to live right after...but we still like him.
Her photographer Caption Photography, was awesome. All of her photos are watermarked (and the only good ones) and link to her site so you can check her out if you are in the market for a photog.
 Her reception was...perfect. She is from Georgia...so no typical "Utah Mormon" reception for her! I won't go into the odd wedding traditions that have become the norm in Utah...that is a whole post unto itself. 

 They were married for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple.
 Such a beautiful bride. 
Her "cake" was brilliant and charming. 
It was cupcakes...
with a small top tier cake that they could cut.
And it was delicious!

Anne is a dancer. It brings her joy. And dancing with her new husband? Happiness doubled.
There was no doubt that there would be dancing at the reception.
Dancing with the mom and dad...
First dance together...
Congo line...
Dance with Grandma...
And dancing in a circle over the camera...
Oh is that not normal? Yeah I didn't think so. 

Her brother had some sweet moves as did her dad. It's a dancing family. 
Does he remind anyone else of Jake Blues here?

We even got to dance with sparklers. Possibly my new favorite way to dance.

It was so nice to spend a joyous evening with good friends and family.

Finally the big moment came. The throwing of the bouquet. A small group of sad determined excited single women gathered to fight it out. 
 But first we had to use the force to fry Anne for getting our hopes up ;-)
This is one of Anne's signature moves. If you know her, you get it :-)

I didn't catch it. Anne's super strength sent the bouquet shooting over our heads to land on the steps. We looked at each other with a predatory gleam in our eyes and dove for the pieces. I came up with an almost perfect half of a rose. What do you think that means??

Shortly after that I saw Anne grab her husband and say "let's get out of here"...and they did. 
I know this is a horrible photo, I really need a new phone...but I still really like it for some reason.

Congratulations Anne! I wish you every happiness. 

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Brooke L. said...

Her brother totally looks like Zach Galifinakis and she looked soooo beautiful!!! Wished i could have been there celebrating her joyous day with all of you!