September 22, 2011

What would your hair come back as??

I've started using this kinda crazy amazing shampoo called Reincarnate (LUSH). Cool is dead cells, so giving it life makes sense. But if it (the hair) is being reincarnated would it really want to be hair in it's next life? If it was good hair it would be able to upgrade right? Like come back as a tree or butterfly or something. And if it was bad hair, it would probably be downgraded to...toenails? I don't know. These are the things I wonder about. 


Back to the shampoo. 

It was a gift for my birthday (thank you Aunt Susie!!!). 

It has cool ingredients like Rhassoul mud from Morocco, Red Henna, rosemary and Irish moss powder.
I was a little hesitant to try it.
A) It looks gross. Muddy and grainy with chunks of stuff.
B) It's a solid bar shampoo and I had little faith that it would clean my hair (crazy hippies and their solid shampoos)
C)  I looked up the company - Lush. It's not super expensive but it's more than I usually spend. Which i why hadn't used it yet. I'm weird. I save really nice things and don't use them. They are too nice. Figure that one out. 

My Aunt finally asked if I liked it and I had to admit that I hadn't used it yet. She smacked me around a bit and told me to get on it. I did.


Awesome shampoo. Makes my hair super soft and shiny and my poor abused scalp loves it. Very soothing. It has mud in it and I smoosh it onto my scalp and let it sit. Sigh. So nice. 
The first bar, that Aunt Susie gave me, was kind of rough and did not work into my hair very easily. I started cutting off a chunk and letting it soak in a little water overnight. It mushed into a nice thick paste that was much easier to use. I thought that was just the way it was and loved it anyway...

But then I ran out and ordered another bar. It was much smoother and creamier. All of their products are handmade so I'm guessing this batch was just milled a bit finer. 
I get it wet and scrub it over my hair and scalp and it lathers up nicely. I usually twist my hair up with a claw and let it stew for a few minutes while I'm showering, makes it even shinier. 

If you haven't noticed by now...I really like the stuff. Two thumbs way up. You may have to order it online, very few stores carry it. But it's worth it.  

They have other amazing products too. LOVE the Ocean Salt Cleanser. And they all sorts of yummy body soaps.  I got a free sample of Karma Soap and really like it. One reviewer said that she though it smelled like dead hippy, which totally cracked me up. It's the patchouli. But I like it. Ooh and the Summer Pudding soap! Smells so yummy. 

Anyway, check them out. They have a ton of really great product. They have no clue who I am...I just like their stuff. 

Maybe I will do a give-a-way and the prize can be some Reincarnate shampoo...good idea Kate, let's do it. Stay tuned.


Jayne said...

If my hair was reincarnated as an animal, it would be an orangutan.
If it were a food it would be Rotini with marinara.
If it were a plant it would be a Virginia creeper.
If it were a song, it would be "Help!"

I have never even heard of a shampoo bar before, thank you for educating me!

Amanda said...

You made Zach want to spend money. He loves this sort of stuff :)

My hair would come back as a Chameleon. :)

Kate said...

Jayne - laughing my head off. Rotini and Help. You have gorgeous hair! And you should try the bar, it's awesome.

Amanda - Ha! And Zach's hair would LOVE this stuff...well, mine does...and we sort of have the same hair. Hey and then you could blend with the dirty hippies ;-)