September 12, 2011

What do you get when you cross Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee?

Possible the very best part of this family vacation was watching all of the munchkins meet and  become friends. It is so important for them to know their extended family and have amazing memories of time spent with my opinion :-)
JB is such a sweet kid. Not the type to push, tackle or otherwise fight for a ball or frisbee. Now I'm sure that he has gotten into his fair share of fights at home with EJ over toys...Jayne can confirm or deny...but he is generally non-agressive. 
JT diving on the frisbee and and JB shrugging and wondering what in the world JT is doing :-)
So it was especially great to watch JB get to know his cousin JT and then study his every move to learn how to tackle and dive and basically sacrifice the body for the ball. 
Watching intently...
Go JB Go! I think JT still has the jump on him.
But JB slowly went from letting everyone else have the frisbee, to racing and tackling to get it
I cut myself out of this next pic but I'm actually standing just outside of the frame yelling "Get it JB!! Tackle her! Kick, bite, pinch!!!" He looked at me like "but it's my sweet Lala!" I may of yelled "There are no grandmas in frisbee!!! GET HER!!!"
And he did :-)
We got some amazing body dives into the sand!
Good arm buddy.
GO JB!! Thank you JT!!!
We then went back to a safer game...making sand pies...

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