September 24, 2011

A surprising lack of dogs...

A couple of weeks ago Jayne and I took the munchkins to the Sheepdog Classic up at Soldier Hollow. It's  a very cool event, these dogs are seriously smart. 
But we didn't see any of them :-)

Turns out that sitting on bleachers and watching a sheepdog herd sheep halfway up the mountainside is not so enthralling for kids. Who knew?

But they had a lot of fun activities for the little ones and we took full advantage.
They loved the dock diving dogs. These pups jump so high and far!
They had a wild animal show (rescued critters that can't go back to the wild) that the kids loved.
Wily coyote.
 Tiny the snake.
 Bearded Dragons.
 EJ was very brave.
 A big tortoise.
 Look at that sweet face. She was so patient and let all the kids pet her and poke her.
 They had one of her babies there and it was soooo tiny. I didn't get a good photo but it would've fit right on her head.
They also had a skunk, cockatoo and pygmy hedgehog. So cute. 

They had a petting zoo with lots of mini animals and babies.
Not sure what this is. I thought it was an alpaca but they said it wasn't...
 Mama pony and foal. 
She passed out and nothing would make her budge. Look at that little mouth.
 Cute Overload closeup. 

Pony ride. This girl is a born horsewoman. 
They had a sweet K9 demo. The kids actually really liked it. I was worried that they would get bored but it was exciting and they had a ton of questions...which I may or may not of started making up answers for.

Crazy bad criminal trying to escape...yeah right. He wasn't going anywhere. 
 This beautiful pup was searching for drugs.
 Ripping the arm off of a convict ;-)
 This was actually a great demo right here. Look how the dog "hugs" the leg of the target. I didn't know they did that. And the Sheriff was showing that he had his hands on the dog and was safe. These dogs are not mean or vicious. It's a game, their job, and they love it!
 The newest member of the K9 team.
 Hi pretty girl.
If you are in the area next year I highly recommend heading to the Sheepdog Classic. Great time to be had by all!


Amanda said...

We were blogging at the same time, crazy. :)

The petting zoo looked awesome!

Brooke L. said...

I hope you got the blonde cop with the dogs number. Yum.

Kate said...

I know right!? He was really cute. But you know me, I didn't do anything about it.