September 20, 2011

Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset. Swiftly flow the days.

Actually I just have photos of the was really foggy every morning. But the days did swiftly flow...

We witnessed some amazing sunsets. I'm pleased with several of mine but I had to borrow some of Caleb's...his were amazing. Like this one:
 He was bummed about these next three. He was trying some sort of motion thinger...but didn't have a tripod with him so it didn't work. But I actually like them. They have a kind of mysticallyishness. Look that word up, I dare ya. 
 We are big fans of sunset. After dinner everyone would head to the beach for a walk and talk while watching the sunset. Some would head to the beach in interesting ways ;-)
My mom and aunt. We owe them for this amazing vacay. Thank you! (although from the looks of this pic they would've come without us)
What's better than sunset? EJ and I showing off our sweet moves AT sunset. I know. It's almost to good to be true. 
I took this one! I took this one! Can you tell that I'm proud of it? I just love it. The end. 
I took this one too. The color this night was just amazing. 

Amazing story for you. I know. You didn't think that anything could beat my puking story...but this one just may. 

I was walking down the beach alone, minding my own business, snapping pics of the sunset, dodging gooey piles of jellyfish, kelp and dead bird, contemplating the meaning of life, keeping an eye out for rogue waves (never turn your back on the ocean!!!) and an eye out for sneaky seagulls (they like to poop on your head) when I stumbled upon...  
A huge shark tooth! I had just watched Shark I knew what I was looking at. The razor-sharp eating utensil of the majestic and deadly Great White Shark. Velociraptor of the sea (Fact: they've been seen stalking through galleys and turning door handles). I was very excited. It was huge! I mean the shark it came from would be massive. A record-breaker. A genetic wonder. I tucked the tooth into my pocket and headed home to start writing museums. 

My family...none of whom watched Shark Week, sooo...tried to convince me that it was the broken off tip of a surfboard...but come on, that's just not logical. I'll let you know when I hear back from the Smithsonian.  

Okay, back to the sunset. Couple more pics. 
The next two pics are post sunset. The color was incredible. The black stripe is the ocean and at the bottom is the wet beach reflecting. 
 These are SOOC. And it's my camera, so the color was even better in real life. Pretty eh?
Okay then. The sun is down. We're done. See ya. 

Oh fine. 

I'll give you a parting shot. 

Uncle Levi and EJ playing at sunset.
 Pretty much perfect!

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Amanda said...

Gorgeous photos. All of 'em. I love sunset!