September 28, 2011

More carnage

Lest you think that I only kill animals I give you...


When I moved into this house in the spring I was so excited about the yard. It needed a lot of work (still does) and I attacked with gusto.

On the side of the house there was a bed with a huge peony plant and a large flowering bush of some sort, and some quakie shoots that I decided to let grow. There was also a big nasty weed coming up everywhere. It had a super thick stalk and big, rough, ugly leaves. And I was determined to eradicate it.  I put poison on the shoots a couple of times a week. I used a shovel, hoe and my hands to rip every one that I saw out. And I got most of them. Then about a month ago I noticed that a few had escaped and gotten big. I gave up and ignored them. They weren't going to last long, they looked like this:
I'm guessing that was the poison...just a guess.

 About a week later...two of them bloomed. Two.
 The hideous weeds that I spent hours killing...
 were hollyhocks. 
 The whole side of my house would've been covered in big beautiful hollyhocks. 
But no. I have this:
I love the star shape in the middle and how the petals overlap and change the opacity.
(The PW Colorized action turned out beautiful on these. I tried it on a few.)
Close ups of the baby octopus in the center ;-)
I love the little pollen drops on the petals.

Any of you know about hollyhocks? Will they come back next year?

Maybe if I ask really nicely... 


Jayne said...

They will come back! As long as you don't baby them. They thrive in lousy conditions.

Not that your yard is lousy, because it is anything but. I'm just saying. Don't water them too much and don't give them miracle grow. They'll love you for it.

Amanda said...

And Don't feel bad we all do this at least once. At least.