September 14, 2011

Made In The Shade

Sweet album.

Also an apt description of our vacation in Oregon.

I've had people ask me why we go on a beach vacation in Oregon. It's a valid question. The Oregon coast is not Waikiki....

But if you go at the right time of year, it's warm and most days are sunny. There are always a couple of misty, grey days but it's still beautiful. And a little rain never kept any of us off of the beach.
Bonus: it is SOOOO nice not to have to worry about slathering the kids or ourselves with sunscreen six times every day. And then still having a sunburn by the second day. We were outside all day, every day and not one sunburn.
Sun or shade these little munchkins had a great time.
It was great to watch them meet cousins and be friends by the end of the trip.
LOVE this pic. The movement is great. (CJKepsel
On the second morning JT woke up, ran into the living room and said "where is my new best friend?"

You may be able to tell by EJ's jaunty step that she is just happy to be on the beach. Rain or shine.
This little munchkin was in heaven. Dirt. Water. Family. She didn't care what the weather was like.
You can still haul heavy buckets of sand for sand castles...
You can still fly kites with Lala (although you can't really see them when they get up there)
 You can still chase Papa and wear really cute swim trunks.
A daddy can still fly a kite with his son. (I know this photo looks sunny, Caleb's camera was in a funky setting...)
You can still jump, tackle and dive in the sand. 
You can still splash with Mommy.
 And you can still poke sand crabs

Those last two pics...that's LT. He is crazy cute. We were all in love about 30 seconds after we met him.
See! Now you are too. 
This little munchkin is pretty dang cute too. A sweet little sand sprite :-)
One day we dressed the same...She pulls of the brown and black combo much better than I! Also she looks really cute in a hood, I have too much hair.
Best of all you can still run and scream and race your daddy down the beach when it's misty and grey. 
I love this shot too. I think maybe I have a thing for action shots :-) 

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Sue said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing. The skinny pictures are weird, though.