September 6, 2011

Land Shark

Did you know that there is a real shark problem on the Oregon Coast?
Well there is.
It's an especially aggressive group of Great White that have developed a taste for human flesh... 
er...mac n' cheese.

This is what happened to the shark after Emmy got done with it. Don't mess with that girl's mac n' cheese.
I kinda love this family photo. It's all sorts of wrong...which makes it just right!

EEK! There's another one! Hide the cheddar!
Never mind. This one is behind thick glass. 

We took the munchkins down to the aquarium one day and they had a ball. So did I...

They have a great touch pool where the kids (and I) could touch sea anemones, sea urchins, starfish, all sorts of cool tidal critters. 
And they have shark tunnels! These were the coolest.
You get to see the underneath of the critters and get really close to them. Loved it. 
You could also be stalked by creepy fish. JB did not like this guy following him around.
They had a huge piranha tank that kids (and Caleb) could climb in.
Well not IN. Duh. It was a bubble inside the tank. Fewer missing body parts that way.
CB was having no part of the flesh-eating fish. In fact she looked a little shocked/disgusted the entire time.
Speaking of flesh eating...This is an alligator snapping turtle. 
He was very creepy/prehistoric/cool looking. He was swimming up against the glass and would try and snap at my finger. My sweet three-year-old nephew LH was very worried. Every time I put my finger up there he would snatch it back and hold my hand. A little girl (complete stranger) came up and put her finger up to the glass and he reached out and grabbed her hand too :-) We moved on. 

To the jellyfish! I kinda love jellyfish. In tanks. I stepped on many of them while living in Hawaii and it wasn't my very favorite experience. Close...but not my favorite.
But in cool! They fascinate me.
These ones were quite large.
And this was a tank of tiny ones. So cute!
In a...stringy, gelatinous, bulbous, over 90% salt water, no brain, central nervous system, specialized digestive, respiratory or circulatory systems...sort of way.

This is one of the tiny ones above...dead.
Just in case you've always wanted to see a dead jellyfish. Voila! Your wish is granted. Like a genie in a bottle. 

Wanna see some more dead stuff on the beach?


There was a dead sea bird too, but I've decided at this very moment to spare you. 

Let's leave off with something adorable...and very alive. He's just sleeping. With a shark. A land shark that his grandpa bought him at the aquarium.
You're welcome. 


karla said...

Lovely pic kate....thanks.

Jayne said...

I love it when Jonah sleeps like that, it really accents his chin. He gets it from me!

"Oh, what a cute little boy you have there! And look, he has your double chin."
"Yes, yes he does. Thanks for noticing."