September 2, 2011

It's not that easy being green. Having to spend each day the color of the leaves.

We went on vacation to see the ocean but Oregon has another marvel of nature that we desert dwellers are not used to seeing...

Green stuff
They have trees. Real trees that don't have the word "scrub" in the name. And soft, green moss grows on everything and grass and flowers grow...and you don't even have to water them...craziness.

(BTW - if you happen to notice a quality difference between images, several of them were taken with my brother's very nice camera. I will try and give him credit when they are his but if I forget you can just guess that the really pretty ones are his. Also you should visit his blog. He takes amazing pics and maybe if he had more traffic he would update it more. Hint, hint Caleb.) 

On our last day...I know, I started in the middle and now I'm moving on to the end. I may reach the beginning at some point, but you never know...we went on a little hike to Munson Waterfall. It's absolutely gorgeous and easy enough that the munchkins can walk it on their own...not that they did. Why walk when your sucker Aunt will carry you :-)
Or your sucker Papa :-)
This little one though.
She loves to hike. She didn't want to be carried at all. She's an adventurer 
Isn't she just cutest little bug? I think she looks like an elf. Or an Ewok. And Elfin-Ewok. Amen.

There were so many pretty flowers...and green things. I love the smell. It Figure that one out...
 See. CB was in shock. She had no clue what all the green stuff was. Green overload.
 I think this pic is adorable because I know CB and how much she loves to fly high...but it's also a great shot of the lushness.
The locals must think we are nuts. Walking around taking pictures of leaves and grass. (Just like down in Southern Utah/Zion National Park. The European and Asian tourists go nuts over the mule deer, take tons of pictures. We laugh so hard. They are vermin around here. The deer, not the tourists...most of the time.)
(this shot is SOOC. Greenest plant ever! And we have no clue what it is. It was the only one in the area.)
Two more of CB because...well...turns out she's really cute.
 There  is a really pretty waterfall at the end of the trail. We could not get CB to look up and see it. I guess that if you have no frame of reference for a waterfall, you don't even notice it.
 And then we had to take more pictures of course. 
I liked this on with a 70's vibe.
(CJK Photo)
 The wonderful parents.
(CJK Photo)
Lala and her girls.
Sisters :-)

 I don't like to be touched...
(CJK Photo)
But I do love my mama!
(CJK Photo)
Monk and CB. Happiness.
 Lala was so excited to show JB the Banana Slug she found. 
(CJK Photo)
He was less than enthusiastic. 

We then headed back to the cars and left Oregon. Goodbye ocean. Goodbye green stuff. Goodbye oxygen. 

Oh wait! I still have so much to blog about! Okay, blogging about the end of the trip first is great. I still have so much to look forward too!

Parting shot: Biker Babe EJ.
The grandmunchkins love Papa's motorcycle. He rode it out to Oregon from Utah. Long ride but he says he loved every minute of it. Now my mom just needs one and they can be a cute biker couple tooling around the country.

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Jayne said...

We did this same hike last year, with just our lonely selves. It was so much more fun with all ya'lls there too!
Even with the freaky skeleton following us on his motorcycle.