September 25, 2011

Give a kid a camera...

And this is what you'll get.

Same event, Sheepdog Classic.

I handed the camera to JB and EJ at different times, at their request.

It was pretty interesting to go through these and see things through their eyes.

Still life - My knee. JB's shoe. Ice cream sandwich.
I'm assuming that he is looking at the pretty bloodhound back there...we met her before the show...
but I could be wrong. 
 I like that he caught three stripes of color.
 Was he aiming at the casings on the ground?
Here we go. He got it:
I don't even remember this bag being near us...
There are three officers and a dog attacking someone back there...but the camera decided to focus on the wire fence. Hmmm....
 Honeybuckets - by JB. I think van Gogh would've liked it.
 Legs. A perspective.
EJ took this one. I like it. I forget how low to the ground they are.
She took this one too. I was saying hi to a friend. Interesting angles and boundaries...
Hand your camera to  a kid sometime. It's really fun to see what they see. And you will be more grateful for your height :-)

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