September 13, 2011

Baby got back

 So I always thought that those Shape-Up shoes were ridiculous. They just look silly and I had grave doubts in their effectiveness. But my very giving parents bought me a pair and I decided to give them a try. Also they changed the style and I think they look more normal now. This is my pair:
See? Not too bad.

And guess what. They work. I mean I'm not sure exactly what they are doing...but it's something. 

Last week I started wearing them to walk the dog twice a day...and I've been sore! My calves, thighs and tush have been sore all week. 

And I do Zumba five times a week so I was thinking that I was getting into pretty good shape. Dang shoes are working something in there though.

Wanna see before and after shots?  


And after:
Tehe. I crack myself up. That is most definitely not me. Someday maybe.... 
(I will give you prize if you can tell me who's butt that is.)

So seriously, it's only been a week, but I'm impressed with the shoes so far. 

I'll keep you updated. 

I know you are super excited. 


Caleb said...
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Jayne said...

Kim Kardashian?

Kate said...

Yeah Jayne! You win! A plate of cookies! Cuz that's what i do best :-)