September 23, 2011


Thought I would throw a little eye candy your way on this beautiful Friday. And if you are a get to find out about a cool new show!

They brought back Hawaii Five-O last season. I was skeptical but love the lead actor so I gave it a shot.  It's really good! And funny. McGarrett actually says "Book 'em, Danno". It really makes me miss Hawaii...and realize that I had no idea there was so much crime there! :-)

On to the good stuff. 

The lead actor is Alex O'Loughlin. I pretty much love him.

Aside - 
It totally cracks me up when I/anyone says things like that. Cuz you can really be in love with a complete stranger who may or may not be a complete douche. I mean I have no clue if he is a nice guy. All we see is the public face and the roles they play. It's very interesting the way that we treat/think about/"love" celebrities. Basically I should say that I like the characters he's played, I think he is a great actor...and he's hot.

 With the last name and the first role I saw him in (Irish rocker) I totally assumed that he was Irish or Scottish...nope! He's an Aussie. Yet another handsome, talented actor from Australia. Something in the water down there.

So I first saw him as the angry Irish brother in August Rush. 
He then got a tv show, Moonlight. It was actually good but wasn't picked up...of course. 
Then he was in The Backup Plan with JLo. You may remember the tractor/car into a tree scene...

And now he is Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-O.
And can I just point out the very correct way that he is holding his firearm? He's had some good training. Just saying.

He also looks pretty dang good on horseback. 
 And in a boat... 
 Chin is Daniel Dae Kim from Lost. And Danno is Scott Caan, whom we all know and love from the Ocean's Eleven movies. He is great in this show. Very funny. Look at him and his proud papa.
 Oh and McGarrett's arch nemesis from the original show is back. Wo Fat. He is a bad dude. And he is played by none other than Mark Dacascos. 
I kinda love him too. He is the chairman from Iron Chef America and so good looking. And talented! Seriously look this man up. He has been trained in just about everything.  
Like sword fighting. Yup. 

Anywho. If you want a great show to watch Monday nights try Hawaii Five-O. The second season just started. Very entertaining. Hot guys. Lot's of fighting and explosions and stuff too if you aren't so interested in the hot guys ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Whoa!!! That was serious - rock hard- candy! Guess we know what your dreams are about. No wonder you sleep with the window open and fans on!