August 28, 2011

My hair has asked that I move to the coast...

It's true. My hair loves the ocean. My skin too. 

I mean I love the ocean too, it makes me happy. But this finicky head of hair of mine seems to really love it. I know. It's weird. Most people hate what humidity does to their hair but I love it. On the coast, my hair gets super curly, thick and soft and my skin is really soft too. I keep waiting for the ocean to work some miracles on my face and pants size...not holding my breath ;-)

Another great thing is that I feel like I can run 100 miles! But that is because I live at 6,000 feet, so sea level feels like an oxygen mask. 

I'm not saying that humidity is amazing...I've lived in Mississippi...humidity is horrible. But on the coast, in Oregon at least, it seems like there's always a nice ocean breeze, so it's nice humid not gross humid.

So. For the sake of my hair. I'm moving to the coast. 

I was hunting for a picture of my hair at the beach...turns out that I don't like having my picture taken...who knew? I found this one from two years ago. What was I smoking with those sunglasses?

Kidding on the moving. I have no plans to yet. 

But the idea is definitely taking shape in the sometimes used brain sitting under my hair. 

I have a ton of great pics to share from the Oregon Coast vacation but I'm waiting to get ahold of my brother's as well. He takes great pics. Coming soon! I know you are waiting with bated breath!


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