August 2, 2011


Today in 1865, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, published Alice's Adventures in Wonderland".

I adore this I remember reading it as a child and being a bit scared. And the Disney cartoon was a total acid trip! I mean the oyster and walrus story...Holy Cow!

Isn't it funny that the cartoon version was the slightly creepy, 'Lewis Carroll was high', version compared to Tim Burton's?

Here are some of my favorite scenes in honor of this amazing book's birthday.

 The crazy Cheshire Cat. 
I loved him in the Tim Burton film.
He scared me in Disney's. And it confused my young mind that he had the same voice as my beloved Winnie the Pooh!

The Mad Hatter
I didn't really care much about him in the Disney version but LOVED him in Burton's. I honestly didn't think he was quite crazy enough, he was just so sweet and sad. I was totally in love with him and I'm not sure that is what Carroll was going for :-) 

I love the deep parts that I totally missed at a child. I used this page in a Sunday School lesson about making choices and knowing where you are going in life. They totally got it. Thank you Lewis Carroll. 

Oh and I loved the Caterpillar in Tim Burton's! Possibly because I adore Alan Rickman...
Just a little observation...cuz you don't have enough from me...i know the caterpillar is supposed to be smoking hookah...but I think that there might be something else in that pipe. Just saying.

And one of my very favorite scenes:

So sweet. I adore him.

So what about all ya'll?

Which version is your favorite?

Have you read the book and if so did you like it? It's very different than watching the movies.

Anyway. Happy Birthday Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. You opened up a whole new world. 


zachary said...

I much prefer Disney's version. Tim burtons version is too long and too vibrant.

karla said...

I have never liked Alice in Wonderland - I'm surprised you said you remember it from your childhood, because I avoided having it in the house. You must have sneaked it in. Too weird.