August 16, 2011

I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful. I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful

In the past two weeks I have learned:

  • It is not necessary to wash my hands every time I touch a dog*.
  • If you walk/bike around your neighborhood twice a day, every actually meet your neighbors...and they are nice!
  • Screen doors aren't as obvious to everyone as they are to me.
  • If I had extra money I would totally hire someone to come scoop the poop in my yard.
  • Yellow dog hairs go with every outfit...and I don't mean they match...I mean they have literally attached themselves to every item of clothing I own.
  • It feels great to have somebody that needs me...yes I know I have a's not the same
  • Dogs have amazing internal clocks. Seriously. It's almost creepy. 
  • This annoying, dopey, messy, hairy, totally mental, sweet, loving boy makes me smile

This is Utah.
He is the newest member of my household and I heart him. I truly was not planning on falling in love...but about three days in...I was smitten. I was in deep smit. I also noticed that I had called my mom approximately 6,000 times in that same three days to ask her advice or tell her about something that Utah did. She is going to have to upgrade her phone plan when I have kids. 

My wonderful brother and his family have fallen in love too. He built Utah this amazing dog house. And he stops by during the day to take him on a hike or play with him, and I am super grateful. 
Isn't the dog house great? And it looks like Snoopy's! I love Snoopy so this made my day. I'm going to put lights on it at Christmas.

Does anyone know how to train a 90lb dog to balance on the roof of a dog house while wearing aviator gear? Get back to me on that...

 Utah has found his ranking in the house quickly...below the cat.
 Bunny somehow managed to kick poor Utah out of his crate so that she could take a nap.

If you look closely at this one you will see that once again she forced him to move off of his comfy bed so that she could have it. Cats have mind powers. It's official.

 *So jumping back to the hand-washing thing. I'm heading towards some Bob Wiley issues. The longer I live alone the more germaphobic I get. Just ask my poor nieces and nephews. I tend to shriek and have visions of the Black Plague when one of them eats a cheerio off the floor at church.

Usually I wash my hands a lot.
Especially after touching a dog.
Turns out that when a dog lives in your house...your hands can't handle all the washing.
I've had to chill.
Dog germs won't kill me.
Unless he has rabies, leptospirosis or leishmaniasis.

Okay. Deep breaths. Focus on the clean critter in my house.
Look at that clean, soft, white tummy. Gotta love an animal that spends 20 hrs a day bathing itself. Sigh. Okay. Better. 

I have not had a chance to take a ton of pics of Utah yet...but i'm guessing that you will see a lot of him around here in the future. Brace yourselves! 

Thank you Levi for moving to Washington ;-) Thank you Zanda for seeing that we needed each other. Thank you Jayleb for the dog house and the walks and helping me with training. Thank you Mom for not turning off your phone :-)


Amanda said...

I'm glad it's love! Loki actually missed the big lug after he was gone. They are good buddies and we'll have to set up a play date soon. :)
You're a great dog mommy Kt, we wouldn't have felt comfortable sending him to any other home.

.. oh, and um, Zanda? yikes.

Jayne said...

Too bad you're not having a girl, Mandie. Zanda's awesome:)

And yes! We are also smitten! We were way back in the day too, but especially now that he's our neighbor. You definitely needed each other, you're the cutest Dog mommy ever, Kate!

zachary said...

We could call her Zanda-Panda...thank goodness it's a boy!!

Michelle S said...

What a beautiful dog! I love his name!!

Sue said...

I think you needed a dog, you weirdo!

Kate said...

Zachary and Amanda = Zanda
Caleb and Jayne = Jayleb

It's just so much easier to type :-)

Thanks Michelle!

And yes I did need a dog Aunt Susie :-)

karla said...

Katah! hahahahahahahahahah!

Kate said...

Okay let's not make me and Utah a couple...That is only allowed for human couples ;-)

Caleb said...

I think Utie sounds better.