August 18, 2011

Heat, puff balls and sagebrush

I decided to take bonehead on a hike yesterday instead of our customary morning bike ride. 

We headed out to the Dutch Hollow trailhead, which is a beautiful area with many trails to choose from. They also had a large sign announcing that it was bear and mountain lion country and there had been several sightings this season. I was feeling very happy to have a large dog, a gun and a phone with reception... I had also called my brother before leaving to tell him where I was going. There have been so many lost hikers this summer...I did not want to become one of them.

I chose the trail that was just under two miles long...decided to take it easy on the pup as he is still getting back into shape and losing some weight. I thought he would be fine as Levi used to hike with him in the desert all the time. 

Turns out that we need to build back up to that. 
At the top, Utah drank my entire bottle of water and then crammed himself under the very small bench, that the nice BLM people put there, for some shade. Sagebrush doesn't offer much in the shade department.

I  had to pull him out from under there to get a picture.
To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was peace.  ~Milan Kundera

This is the beautiful Heber Valley. I love living here. 

And this was behind me heading up into the hills. I love sagebrush. 
Things that we grow REALLY well in the Utah high desert. Sagebrush and scrub oak. The end.

I imagine that this:

Used to look just like this:
Before they damned the river, created two reservoirs and built a town.

And I think it must of been beautiful. I like to imagine what places must of looked like to the first settlers and the natives before that. I'm weird like that. 

Utah and I then had a little heart-to-heart and I convinced him that coming with me back down the mountain would really pay off in the end. He was convinced the staying under the bench was the way to go...but I reminded him that mountain lions LURVE smooshy golden retrievers.

We saw a plethora of pretty wild flowers but I was loving the giant puffballs. I'm guessing that they have an actual name...Caleb?

Here is the original:
My macro was actually playing nice for once...

And here are all the fun actions that I played with. I love actions. 

We made it back to the truck without being mauled by a bear, mountain lion or rabid chipmunk...barely.

And when we got home Utah climbed into his pool and cooled off...while I cleaned the house. 

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