August 3, 2011


Today it is hot. I don't handle the heat well. My creative juices have dried up. 

There is quick and dirty on Tel Megiddo:
Megiddo is a tel (hill) made of 26 layers of the ruins of ancient cities. The name Armageddon derives from Har Megiddo (Hebrew) meaning Mount of Megiddo. Take that for what you will :-)
It was inhabited from approximately 7000 BC to 586 BC and then nothing since then...that makes it very important as all of those ruins remained undisturbed. 

You begin at a Solomonic gateway 
And then on to a trench dug by the Oriental Institute where they uncovered a solid circular stone structure which most think is an altar or a high place. It dates to the Canaanite period. 

There is is a grain pit from the Israelite period, to store provisions in case of siege and the famous stables, originally thought to date from the time of Solomon.
(those are stone troughs for feeding. Cool eh?)
 My favorite part is the water system, which consists of a square shaft 120' deep, the bottom of which opens into a tunnel bored through rock for 300' to a pool of water. I mean how amazing is that? That took some serious engineering...from the 9th century BC.
They said it was uninhabited...but we found this little tunnel-dweller. 

The view from the tel is beautiful. Looking over the fertile Jezreel Valley. 
 The leader of the LDS church was there years ago looking over the valley. People were talking about how beautiful and lush it was. It's some of the best farm land in the world... He said that it ought to be, it's been fertilized with the blood of men for centuries. That really sobered us up and made us think. So many wars and blatant slaughters and even human sacrifice in such a small area of land. 

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karla said...

Oh, BIG mistake!!!! I so should have gone with you. You have seen so many awesome things.