July 14, 2011

We'll pretend

PW's new photo assignment is right up my alley. All submission have to be taken with a phone camera and then modified, on your phone, with some sort of phone app like Instagram or Hipstamtic. I was thinking that this might give some of us non-professional photographers a chance...but most of the images are still crazy amazing. Some people have really nice camera phones.

I'm in love with the Hipstamatic app on my iphone and experiment with it a lot.

I'm submitting pics everyday. But let's be honest...not going to win...

But I love these images that i'm entering so i'm going to post them here and give you all the awesome opportunity to validate me. Tehe :-)

(I love this one. So gothic.)

Let the praise rain down!!!!


If you want.



zachary said...

I like the sparklers:)

Kate said...

Baby brother! I'm so honored that you came by :-) have you ever commented before? I love the sparkler one as well. The look of wonder on JB's face is great!

BUSH BABE said...

LOVE them Kate - first and third are my faves. Good on you for entering - seriously, it's so much fun just being in amongst all those photos, don't you think?

Kate said...

Thanks BB! And it really is fun to just enter. So many talented people there. Of course it's more fun to be chosen...like you have been! Amazing photographer that you are :-)