July 27, 2011

The low point of my Israel trip...

Ha! Get it? Low... yeah I know. I should perform in the town square. 

We started up here looking out across the Judean Wilderness towards Jericho. 

Talk about desert.  

People used to travel back and forth from Jerusalem to Jericho all the time. And they had to walk through that stuff behind me. 

Okay so we were on the bus heading out into the desert. We stopped randomly, got out and started climbing a hill. There was nothing out there. No people. No animals. No homes. Nada. It was deserted. A deserted desert. We then ate dessert in the deserted desert... tehe. 

Anywho. We get to the top of the hill and see the Judean Wilderness. Like so. 
Beautiful. Gorgeous. Wish you were here.

And then suddenly out of nowhere we are surrounded by Bedouins. I'm not exaggerating. They were literally just there where they weren't two seconds before.  

And there were a lot of them. With lot's of little kids and donkeys and a CAMEL. How did they sneak a camel up on us? I'm telling you. It was eerie. 

If anyone could get a camel through the eye of a needle...it would be a Bedouin. Just saying. 

So we bought some Bedouin stuff, gave the rugrats all of our candy and went on our way. 

Next stop was sea level.  
Yet another camel. This is where a dumb lady tried to pet the camel's head and almost was bitten. The man in the white robe saved her tourist butt. 

We then dropped WAY below sea level and got.... 
Well, more desert.  
There are a ton of caves there. It's easy to see how they keep finding scrolls and stuff hidden in caves all over.  

 We finally made it to the Dead Sea. It was very beautiful and didn't look dead. And it didn't smell bad like our Great Salt Lake, which was lovely. It is considered a hypersaline lake with 33.7% salinity. That is 8.6 times saltier than the ocean!

It has a huge beach, which is good because there were hundreds and hundreds of people there. 
You wade in slowly so you don't splash. The water stings like mad in your eyes. There are lifeguards there who's only job is to yell at people to stop splashing.

The lake floor is a very thick clay. It was really hard to walk in, sucks you down deep and holds ya. 
You scoop up a handful and slather it on. It's supposed to be really good for your skin. There are several spas there and the dead sea products cost a pretty penny. 

It was also really cool to float in. You just kinda kick your legs up and lay there. The water hold your right up. It's a weird feeling. One cute older lady in our group couldn't put her legs back down again. It was hilarious. We had to hold her shoulders and push her legs down so she could stand.

FYI. If you ever go there...do not shave the same day you go. OUCH!!!!

Oh and you know how the clay is supposed to be so great and it costs so much? Yeah well I got back to the hotel that night and I had a rash everywhere I had the clay. Just my luck. The only person on the planet allergic to the Dead Sea. 

We stopped in Jericho for a bit and climbed up to one of the few digs in the area, it's a Palestinian area. 

Looking out over Jericho, it was very pretty. They have some natural springs so it's very green.  

The dig. Gate and city walls from over 2000 years BC. The walls were very thick. It shed new light on the Bible story of Jerico's walls tumbling down. It's an old dig from back when Israel had control of this area. And you can tell it's an old dig because it was  excavated with a bulldozer...yeah. Modern day archaeologists have coronaries just thinking about it. 

And the end. Sorry I was longwinded again today. 


karla said...

Nothing like a Katie blog at 7 am to get my day started right. Thanks sweetie, loved it.
PS. my code word on this sign in is "sheakin". Ha

Kate said...

Thanks mamma :-) I'm glad you loved it and it's nice to know that someone is reading this darn thing!

And i love the code words, they crack me up all the time!

Sue said...

I read every word too. It's so interesting. Keep 'em coming.