July 12, 2011

Look away, I'm hideous!

I'm sorry to do this so early on a Tuesday...but it's my duty to warn others. I must share my personal experiences for the benefit of all woman-kind (and some men).

Please. I implore you. 

Do not wait too long between eyebrow waxes in the summer. A disaster of epic proportions will befall you. 

You will end up with...

Wait for it...

A tan line under your eyebrow. 

I KNOW!!!!

Goodbye cruel world. I'm hiding in a cave for the next month.

If you are squeamish, look away. Extreme closeup.


Jayne said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!! Katie, you are one of the only people I know with eyebrows perfect enough to block the sun.

I guarantee I'm tanning right through mine! Oh wait. Probably because I barely have eyebrows.

Amanda said...

I'm just jealous of everyone else's ability to tan.

Kate said...

Does "perfect" mean "huge" in your language? ;-)

Jayne said...

"Perfect" means that they're perfect. Meaning that you grow enough eyebrow that you're able to choose exactly what shape you want, rather than just taking what you get. Like the rest of us.

That is all.

Sue said...

Ever hear of 'cover up'? It's makeup. Remember what that is?
Cures all real or perceived facial flaws:)