July 29, 2011

I've had a breakthrough... Unfortunately for you :-)

So I've always loved shoes...like really loved them. Like I own a couple hundred pair loved them...

Wait! I gave 40 pair away this past spring...so I'm down to a normal number now.


The "funny" thing is...I have all of those great shoes and wear the same pair of leather flip flops everyday. 

Anyone know the name of a good therapist? 

I really feel that shoes can be so fun. I love wearing funky, bright, loud, crazy shoes. I figure why not? I dress pretty conservatively so my shoes can be nutty right?

I recently started creating my own shoe creations. I was getting annoyed that the funky shoes I wanted to wear were all designer (aka crazy expensive) and I couldn't buy them. So I decided to make my own. 

The results have been...mixed...but getting better! And it's really fun. I've only glued my fingers together twice...

(Bear isn't sure about them either)

Oh, back to the breakthrough.

Someone thought a pair of shoes I made were "a bit much". And she was totally right, they have some serious muchness. I really doubt anyone else would wear them...

But as I was thinking about it and wondering how I could change them...I realized that I didn't want to change them. I loved them, so it doesn't matter if no one on this entire planet ever likes them. I like them.

So that was my breakthrough. I make weird shoes...and wear them in public. And it doesn't bother me. 

And if you like them...Sweet! I'll make you a pair!...and if you don't well that's just fine too. Not everyone can be as crazy as me :-)
(tiny cowgirl boots for my niece)
You just have to be careful about being seen with me in public :-)


Sue said...

You go, girl! But do you really wear them in public? I hope so. These are much fancier than the ones you were doing when I was there. Love them!

Amanda said...

Leland liked the ones with buttons and stripes. And I have a pair of comfy brown heels that are boring boring boring, maybe you could help. :)

BUSH BABE said...

Totally awesome! Am sending this link to my sister... she'll love it too!

jeanie said...

I do love them - as much as I can love shoes (soooo the opposite of a foot fetish girl).