July 15, 2011

Evil Little Blood-Suckers

I went to girls camp with my church group a couple of weeks ago.

And the mosquitos were unbearable! This is us stopped on our hike for a bug spray bath. The little vampires were literally swarming us. It's actually a bit hard not to panic in situations like that. You want to just run screaming into the river. 

Other than that, camp was really fun and we went on a lovely nature hike. I took photos of everything that caught my eye along the way. So this might give you an unwanted glimpse into my psyche...

The area was beautiful, awesome rock formations and cliffs.

If you blow this one up you can see the "snow". It snowed the entire time. Makes for killer allergies. 

Look it's even starting to pile up!

I thought this one was pretty. The sun was behind the cliff and there was a ton of cotton in the air. You will have to blow it up to see it well.

There were so many  beautiful flowers along the way. I forget sometimes all of the very beautiful, very hardy flowers that survive in the high desert.

I love this one. Just popping up and dazzling us all in the middle of...nothing. 

I found some gorgeous tiny purple flowers... 
And my macro failed me miserably. I blame myself. I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong.

Got it! It worked! 

Same flower with PW's seventies action. I heart that action. 

Elk scat that I found right next to...

A shotgun casing. I made up a funny story in my head about an elk pooping his pants. 

My macro was my friend for a minute here. I love the pollen on the petals and the fuzzy bud.

Another epic macro fail. Why does it always try to focus on things past my target? 

Cool beetle. With the 70's action of course :-)

The very flooded river. On a normal year you can play in this mild waterfall... 

Same orange flower with the 70's action. I know it dulls the color but I just love the effect.   

And the ride home. The girls were plumb tuckered out. 

I was nervous at first, but it turns out that I really love my new assignment as advisor to these sweet girls. It will be a great experience and a ton of fun. 


karla said...

The first flower is Desert Primrose. It's everywhere down here in Price/Green River. Smells pretty too. and your girls are lucky to have you - I mean what other woman would take them shooting! You're awesome. I enjoyed spending the week with ya!

Becca said...

Aw. I want to be in a YW presidency with KATE. so fun.

Michelle said...

I am so super happy you are my advisor!!!! The girls think you are awsome - I agree!

Great pictures!