July 25, 2011


You wish me to perform? Fine, I shall grace you with a glimpse of my face and dazzle you with my talent.

Spin me around slave...I don't wish to waste energy. 

Are you prepared to witness perfection?

Maestro...a little Swan Lake if you please.

I said Swan Lake!!! Not Nutcracker!
No, I am through. Your begging falls upon deaf ears. Go watch Teletubbies you uncultured swine. 


Jayne said...

The first time I read this post I laughed so hard back in my chair that I almost fell out of it.

In all of the subsequent readings, I have made sure to firmly plant both of my feet on the ground before reading to ensure the safety of my personal being.

This is the twelfth time I've read it, and I'm pleased to report that it's still cracking me up, and I am still injury free.

Thank you, Kate, for your dangerously good humor.

Kate said...

I'm so glad that someone finds me amusing :-)

I just love that last pic, her face is priceless.