July 28, 2011

Creeping And Zipping

On Monday a friend of mine that works at the Heber Valley Historic Railroad invited Kimberly (coworker) and I to do a test run of their new Heber Creeper/Zipline adventure....tuesday. Very last minute. Luckily we have a great boss who let us go on a field trip. 

We had a blast. 

The train ride was fun, it's a slow train, but entertaining. I love trains so I really enjoy the old timey feeling you get in these old cars.

About halfway through the ride, we were held up. We heard gun shots and the train ground to a halt. Bandits jumped aboard and demanded all of our money and valuables. It was very funny.

We headed down into Provo Canyon and the ride was beautiful. It is so green this year!

(I don't know what this means...but i thought it looked cool. It was scratched right into the wall)

They have a really fun concessions car but we got great boxed lunches included with the trip. 

(don't worry, i didn't eat the bread, just posing. It looked amazing though)

The train stopped and let us disembark at the top of the canyon where we were met and shuttled to the zipline. The zip was run by MAX Zipline and they were great. Check them out, you won't be sorry. 

They had three lines open that day but will have five open soon and hope to have many more in the future. I was nervous, i don't like heights. I also dislike putting on climbing harnesses that would give Kate Moss a muffin top.  Seriously. Those things are NOT flattering. I asked if I could forgo the harness and just hang on tight...they said no.

And they had to find a bigger helmet for me. I'm officially a Hobbit. Short, round, huge head and huge feet. It's amazing to me that the men aren't just lining up ;-)

The guides were very funny while still inspiring confidence. And the zips were gorgeous. You fly just above the trees and get a spectacular view of the river and canyon. 

Please take notice of my slippers (and not my squished butt)...So you have to wear closed-toe shoes...which i forgot. I had on sandals. BUT i had slippers in the truck. On they went. They actually had better traction than I thought. I hiked a ways in them and was totally fine. It's the huge Hobbit feet...very stable. 

At the bottom we were picked up by a van from the railroad and shuttled back to the station. 

We had so much fun and I would recommend this adventure to anyone looking for excitement and a new view of the beautiful Heber Valley and Provo Canyon.

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Sue said...

I want to do that next time I am there.