June 9, 2011

Today's Marathon

Today's marathon of images and information begins in the City of David.

If you remember from the last post, we looked down on the City of David from the Ophel steps. Here is the view back up at the Ophel from the top of the City of David.
This is where they think King David's palace was. They have made some discoveries to support this and are in the process of digging.

His palace was at the top overlooking the whole city which spread down the hill. It was protected on three sides by steep valleys, one of which has since filled in and been built over.

This drawing helped me picture it.
The top is present day and the bottom is when David conquered, before Solomon started building the temple up on Mount Mariah at the top of the city. It is said that the valleys on the sides were filled with beautiful gardens.

This is from the top looking down the hill.
This is the view David would've had. All of the rooftops in the city would've been visible to him...Now that i've seen the perspective, i don't think Bathsheba is as innocent as she seems. She totally would've known the king could see her if she was naked on the roof. Just saying.

Biblical stories are seen in a whole new light...

You enter here:
They put a giant harp at the entrance. David's harp. They are really good at baiting us dumb tourists :-)

We had to make sure I was tall enough for the tunnel before going in.

They have a very nice visitor's center where we watched a movie about the history of the city...IN 3D. It was radical :-)

They built the center overtop of the ruins of what they think was David's palace, or the ruins that David built his palace on top of :-) Seems like everything in Israel is like that.

Some cool ruins under the walkway. No clue what they are. But i was making up awesome stories and people believed me. They didn't know me very well.

You come out from under the center on the side of the hill where they found this:
The Stepped Stone Structure. I'll let you read it...

This structure joins the Large Stone Structure at the top in what they believe was a huge palace. Possibly the House Of Millo.

The cool part about these ruins is that they date from the time that Lehi and his family lived in Jerusalem! About 600 BC. If you aren't LDS, you don't know what i'm talking about :-). But you can think about how awesomely old that is!

This same ruin also contains the Burnt Room and House of The Bullae. Feel free to enlarge the photo and read about it.

They found an ancient toilet! How cool is that? Very cool. I know. Here is a picture of me with an ancient toilet seat. I'm framing this one.

Here is a close up. It would've of course laid flat and there was a 'waste' reservoir underneath. And if you were rich, which they think the owner of this house was, there would've been running water flowing under the toilet to take the waste away.
Nice and comfy eh?

Okay i was going to keep going down the hill to Hezekiah's Tunnel. But this is really long already. I do the tunnel tomorrow.

Any questions? I would be happy to answer them...or make something up.

Thanks for coming!


Sue said...

I'm picturing someone sitting on that toilet seat when it went tumbling and the look on their face when they landed!

Kate said...

Ha! Yeah that would be quite the shock eh?