May 24, 2011

Ya'll ready for this?

Get ready for a marathon of Israel images. If you couldn't care less...come back next week.

These photos are from the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth. It is a gorgeous basilica built in 1969, overtop of the ruins of several other ancient churches...which were in turn built around the traditional childhood home of Mary (mother of Christ) and the place where the annunciation took place. It's the cave you see in the picture below.
(shrine built around the original grotto)

(ruins of Crusader and Byzantine churches)

It (like almost every site in Israel) is considered traditional. No one really knows where these things happened. I just tried to feel the spirit of the place and enjoy the absolute grandeur and beauty of the buildings.

I loved the stain-glass in this basilica.

It also had a beautiful roof.

A cool thing they did here was to have mosaics of Mary and Jesus created by countries all over the world. There are hundreds of them. All very unique and beautiful...expect ours.

Seriously. The one from America is by far the ugliest.
Very strange and alien-ish.

My favorite one was from Japan. I think it's beautiful.

There was a lovely statue of Mary outside as well.

Okay. That was just to ease you into things. Tomorrow i bring out the big guns...which all the soldiers there carried. And which i heard while standing at the Syrian border. Just saying.

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Amanda said...

Not interested? Really Kt? Of Course we're interested, you went to Isreal!!! oh and,
That statue is beautiful! and the American Mary looks like a super hero which is weird.(your mom pointed this out and I fully agreed with her).