May 2, 2011

It's Just a Flesh Wound

Preface: I live in the high desert. Turns out it's high...and dry. And right now, cold. And those things mixed together equal bloody noses.

Feel free to stop now if you are squeamish...but it's a pretty funny story.

The other night I fell victim to one of the aforementioned bloody noses.

I ran to the sink but managed to gush quite a bit before shoving a tissue up my nose.

Bunny (my MOM'S dumb cat) likes to be in the middle of everything and jumped up on the counter to see what the fuss was all about.

Before I could stop her she reached out and stuck her paw right in the puddle of blood in the sink.


I tried to grab her but was holding a tissue to my nose with one hand and was a bit distracted... what with losing so much blood and all.

She got away.

And she licked it!!!

The bloodlust took over and she attacked.

"It's got fangs!"

End result:

Kidding. No fuzzy bunny attack.

But there were little bloody footprints all over my counter and carpet...

Dumb cat.


bilsabab said...

I am glad this has never happened with us. If Rubi got a taste of so much blood then it would be... well, I don't want to imagine it.

Kate said...

Kitty Cujo...

Sue said...

I was buying it...til I saw Bunny as a bunny.

DEA said...

It's a true story! Up to the part where she attacked me... Her paw really was all bloody though. it was gross.

Kate said...

Sorry, that was me. Signed in the wrong account.