May 20, 2011


I'm home from Israel. I know that you all have been pining away for me while i was gone.

It's okay now. I'm here. Stop crying. Seriously. Stop.

My brain is completely fried from 11 days of nonstop running and no sleep. And I have finally experienced jetlag. It's awesome.

So for now you get this.

A teaser pic of Jerusalem:

And the this sad information:

The night i got back to snowed. Snowed. On May 19th. I went from hot, hot, hot in the snow.

You have permission to feel sorry for me now.

Good night.


BUSH BABE said...

WOW. You sneaky thing... so jealous. Have never been to Israel. Sorry about the snow. (Really, does it ever stop there?)

Kate said...

It's sure not stopping this year! Crazy crazy weather. We are now starting bad flooding. Not on your scale...but still.