April 7, 2011

I don't want to brag...

but I fit 12 trunks and half my closet in my truck yesterday.

I'm pretty much an amazing mover.

And I love my truck (thank you Caleb!!!)



Jayne said...

There is a whole lot of Happy Dance going on over at our house - the kids are tickled that you are moving so close! And so am I!!

Jonah said...

I love you! You're so silly to put those boxes in your car! I'm so excited you to move by us!
You love coming to our house. Do you know that you are going to move by us? Then you loaded your car right up with boxes! Are you bringing water from your house? Lala will help you to feel better. Do you love picking flowers for us? Do you love playing the computer? Did you know there are games on our computer? I love the curious george game the most. I love playing super hero too. I just love sitting on the green couch. And the brown couch.

I love you.

Emmy said...

Katie, I love you. You're so silly. And weird. Katie Katie Katie. Why did you put those boxes in your car? Did you know that was supposed to be my Daddy's car? But he just selled it to you when it broke. He got a new car, I think it's a four speed. Maybe a five speed. Katie why did you put a bag on top of that box? What's in that box? What you doin what you doin what you doin. Blah blah blah Katie!! Katie, did Papa and Lala have a sleep over at your house yet? Well, we are going to, ha ha! Do you remember or no? Katie, we went to your new house and we looked at all the bedrooms and we ran around! Katie, you funny, you weird, your silly, you weird, mostly you funny! Katie, I like your kitchen. I can show you where your front door is, and your kitchen. You have a mop in there too. This is the last word: Katie.